Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Now that you have answered agree or disagree to all of the following prompts, you need to take two and develop your ideas into much greater detail. Understand, the only wrong answer is an unsupported answer. Be to the point, be logical, and use examples to state your case. Your word count for each response should be no less that 200 words.

1) An ideal community would not have any hunger or starvation.
2) An ideal community would not have any jealousy or competition.
3) An ideal community would not have any unemployment.
4) All children should have equal possessions and privileges at a certain age,
regardless of the status of their families.
5) Families are much closer when they share their feelings.
6) Life would be better and easier if we did not carry bad memories in our
7) Overpopulation is such a problem that families should not be allowed to have
more than two children.
8) There is no real need to learn about world history.
9) There is no real need to learn about one’s own family’s history.
10) One’s job or occupation in life should be a careful match of one’s interests,
talents, and skills.

You will also need to comment on the posts of two other individuals. One you agree with and the other, someone you disagree with.


  1. # 7
    I agree with number 7 because, if its over populated in the world, or a certain place people would have to get rid of some people to make more space. They might get rid of people in many bad ways. They might give them up for adoption, or even kill some people just to have space. It would not be a good idea to move somewhere else because if a couple people started doing that, even if a tiny portion of people started doing that, then every other person would most likely do the same, and there would be bigger populations in other places. If someone did move and other people moved, they might even start making a rule for only having 2 kids maximum. If people in an over populated place would just had 2 kids life would be easier for people in an over populated place, world, etc... There would be less sadness, less broken hearts because some people might have triplets, or have three instead of two kids, there would be more happiness, and the population would most likely increase slower than usual. Its better just to have 2 kids to not go thru sadness, and troubles.

    Allison Lee

  2. 4
    All children deserve equal rights. When in our school, people say ‘its not fair i have only got the 2nd generation Iphone you’ve got the 4th generation!!!’ and we think that its so unfair and we are such unlucky kids that do not have the right electronics or clothes or a cool room. This is ridiculous to complain about unimportant things like a laptop, not like in other less developed countries were children don’t complain about waking up in the morning and going to go to school, because they consider themselves the lucky ones. The unlucky children are the ones that don’t even get to go to school, instead they spend 13 hours working like slaves and with the money that they get they can not use much for on them selves because they have to use it to feed their family. I belive that this is extremely unfair because they did not do anything wrong and they are working like a slave and half starving while kids in developed countries do nothing all day, it is not their fault that they are pour or rich but I still belive that all children should defiantly have these 5 things- food, home, education, somebody to look after them, medicine. All children are equals and should be treated as such.
    217 words

    you should not have a job that you do not have an interest in. a job is something you should be committed to and enjoy. If you hate fish and you decide to become a manager at a fish market then you will hate it and never want to go to work in the morning and always hurry home at night. You will never contribute any thing and so even after all your suffering you will not achieve anything, your career will probably end in a disaster. But if you are good at singing and love being on stage, and you decide to become a singer, you will have enthusiasm because you love your job and you work hard and are always trying, signing up for things you will soon become a hit. And the best part is that you will like it, you will enjoy your job and run to it every morning and not want to leave at night, because performing is what you love doing. It makes no sense to pick a job doing what you hate unless you get a lot of money. But even if you get a lot of money it does not compare to doing something you like to do.
    207 words

  3. 9: I agree that there is no point in learning your family history. it will not help you in your life. Although some people are interested in learning about their history, I mean imagine learning you are the great grandchild of a famous inventor, there is no point in learning about your history. Why not just learn about the future? From my point of view it is a waste of time and you should concentrate on what you can do not what your ancestors could.

    10: I also agree that your profession should be something you enjoy doing and something you are good at. If you do something that you suck at then what is the point of doing it? There are probably a lot of people that would be good at your job instead of you. If you do something you are good at then you will enjoy your work and life will be much easier. This is my opinion.


  4. I agree with number 6 because, There are some really bad memories people have. Think of it this way, you once had a really good friend. Both of you were in your 2o’s. Your friend was at you apartment on the 6th floor. You were talking in the balcony looking at the beautiful view. You were having a big conversation. Your friend wanted to tell you something that was really important. You begged your friend to tell you. Your friend said he would tell you later, you then got upset. You lost your temper and pushed your friend with your hands. Your friend got just a little mad. So your friends tried to explain why he wouldn’t tell you now. Before he had a chance to speak, you pushed your friend harder than before. Your friend lost balance of standing, then fell off the balcony backwards headfirst. You tried to grab your friend before the friend fell. It was too late. After 2 ½ seconds you heard a big ‘’!!!!BOOM!!!!’’. You called the cops and explained what happened. You said ‘’he slipped’’. You knew you were lying. You went to his funeral 1 week later. After the funeral you went to his sister’s house. She then told you that he was going to ask you to marry him that day… and so on. If you think of a bad memory like that you cant live easier. Things become difficult for you. You cant sleep, or even eat. Its hard for you. If that memory wasn’t in your head your life would be way less complicated than if it was.

    Allison lee

  5. 3)
    I disagree every one should have unemployment, because there is no point is a fulltime life job when you can just work as a community for each other without a wage and still live in peace, that way there is no social ranking and there is no rich and poor everyone can work off the land without an education and still survive, a full time job is your place in a society but if you work together with the society without having to do your job to help and just help not for money but the reward of a tightly wound group of people.(clearer) You can ask yourself, what do you do to change the world. Most people would respond “I work on my job with my fellow workers”, then ask them what do you do to change your community or how does your doing of this job affect the community, they would simply answer “it helps the community thrive”, then ask what is your reward for this job? “money” well imagine a world without jobs and everyone just works for each other, kooks for each other builds for each other, well it is possible and you do not need a job for that.

    There is no real point in learning in history!
    The thing is yes we can learn for history but I don’t think were ever going to have the battle of Waterloo or the Mayan empire’s architecture again in the future because when have you ever had to remember what you learned in history or humanities I mean it means nothing to the rest of the world it only changes the past and present, the only thing it changes in the future is the knowledge we will have of how we got there and what we did but they wont do that again to go further we always create new stuff to go further and don’t recreate old stuff to go further. Because there is no sense in knowing what has been as I said before we only learn about what we did to get here not what we need to do in the future so the only point of knowing history is if you are bored out of your mind and want to know random stuff to fill your brain.

  6. 1)agree
    2) disagree

    3) ideal community would not have any unployment- I agree because a real ideal community do not send or need an employer they are, and they especially think that they are perfect, and mostly by their characteristics they don’t trust any bodies opinion expect maybe a celebratie person or their community that they are, or themselves opinion. They create mostly everything in their own way. If they are a shamed for something, and decide to say that to their whole community the community think about what the member said and then decide to whether to support the thing or decession the member decided or made.

    10) One’s job or occupation in life should be a careful match of one’s interests, talents and skills.
    I agree on this statement because a job or occupation should consist of interest for you to enjoy your job, then to have skills in it therefor you to now how to do it and participate in it, and
    Be able to do it carefully and accurately. Also you should have a sort of support or elements or passion to your job or occupation. You should combine those 3 things into a hard work effort to earn and try your best ,or if you combine your effect and skills obviously can who know you can open a talent with therefore then you can add it to your work in your job or occupation.

  7. 2) I agree with number two because competition gives some people a goal to be the winner and is blinding them, sometimes even causing the person to dig his way to winning the competition by clearing others off, therefore probably causing them some sort of harm. Also, to win a competition, one can do harm to himself but not fully understanding how serious his deed was.
    For example: when during box competitions, on athlete uses steroids to get stronger and win the other harms himself and others around (his opponent) because he now cannot fully control himself and can hurt the other athlete and simply others around only because he did something he thought could give him a better chance to win.
    Another way of putting this statement (number 2) is by saying that the taste of victory consumes people and takes control over them, making them wonder who can possibly get in their way to success and eliminate them.

    As for jealousy, it is actually one of The Seven Deadly Sins (Envy.)
    Jealousy itself is a bad thing because it easily makes a person hate another just because they are jealous of something.
    For example: ‘Anna (random name) was jealous of Ember (another random name) because Ember had lots of friends, while Anna had none, but not only that. The main thing that Anna was jealous about was that Embers best friend was Emma (random name 3,) The girl who Anna always wanted to be friends with because Emma treated people fair and could understand and listen to everyone, she could also help anytime someone had a problem but since Ember and Emma were best friends, Emma spend most of her free time with Ember.’
    So Anna out of jealousy and anger would most likely hate Ember but Ember wouldn’t know the reason, so there was no way she could stop Anna from hating her because she would never tell.
    Jealousy can drive people to the point were they just have to go and take away whatever they’re so jealous about (if object) because it is on their mind too much.

  8. I agree to number nine because you never know what kind of past your parents or other family members had and maybe they wish to forget it as well because not everyone has a good past and when there is a serious problem about it, people tend to try to run from it and start everything from a blank page, with different people, in a different place, hoping that nobody will ever know about their dark (if it is so) past.
    For Example: If a child learns that their parent in age of 14 (for example) did something like smoke while constantly telling them how bad it is, the child will feel like it's absolutely not fair.

  9. I disagree with Tilman. His idea that unemployment is okay is what I do not agree with. I think that everybody should have a job and one that they are good at. Even if you would work with the whole city/town I do not think peolpe would like to be unemployed. So I think that unemployment is bad.

  10. I agree with number one.
    An ideal community is perfect and has every thing
    even food for every one. In an ideal community everyone is equal. People in an ideal community are happy well behaved human beings, a starving person is not a happy person and being gloomy is ´against the rules´.A place with starving people is not a perfect community. Hunger can make people do dispicable things, like kill a person and then steal food our even money. Are robbers in a ideal community? The answer is NO!Are murdurers citizens of perfect places and communities full of polite people? Once again the answer is NO! The only way to feed your selve is to have a job.Some people are lazy and do not work because they hear there is this place where, no matter if you work or not, you will not starve. Well people in an ideal communities are well behaved and know that being fed by doing nothing will get them in trouble so there are no lazy people in communities that are excellent.

  11. I disagree with number two.
    An ideal community starts with competition. An ideal community should develope to become stronger and stronger. With out competition people will stay as they are and will not get any better, on the contuary the people will get worser and worser. Although people should have competition jealousy should turn in to inspiration. Competition was how the United States of America was developed,because people were good at something else. Imagine a tennis player from an ideal community lost a match he would feel that he had competition and that feeling would encourage him to train more and be better. The next feeling might be jealousy but that guy is from a ideal place he is raised so he will not feel jealousy, the playerwould do better to shake hands and think you inspired me to train more and be better, next time I will beat you. An ideal community wants to be better and better and with out competition it will be hard to do so.

  12. I disagree with Michal because if the community has so much competion then some people will be better than others. That will lead to jealousy and not a perfect community.

  13. 1- I agree with this because if there is no hunger or starvation in a community everyone lives longer and more people or happy. If there were hunger in a perfect community then it would not be the perfect community. It would have much more problems like deaths of people; mostly babies would die from starvation. All this would lead to a bad community with deaths and no one would want to live there. This would result in the community being desolate of people and not the best place to live. If there were people that would not leave then they would be very poor and live bad lives. Also if a community were perfect it would mean people would help each other. It is impossible that everyone in a community is starving. There will be a few people that still have food and have the chance to help. This can show just how good the community is. The humane thing to do would be to try and help everybody. Also starvation shows bad governmental decisions. If a place is starving or in poverty that means the government have made some bad choices of leading this community making it not perfect. Imagine is there was community that you saw in which the people were all starving, deaths where everywhere and he government was bad. Would be thinking that it is a perfect community. I think not. So I say if there was no hunger in a community everyone would be happier.

  14. 6- I agree. Life would be much better if bad memories wouldn’t haunt us. As we all know every person in the world have bad memories. Maybe not babies but that’s beside the point. Bad memories can impact us in a lot of things you do. Imagine your parents are killed in front of your eyes. That is most likely one of the hardest memories to get rid of if you have it. That memory can haunt you forever. Bad memories also influence us. Take the example of your parent’s death. Imagine you know exactly who killed them and you have the chance to kill him wouldn’t you. This is revenge. If you go through with any revenge there can be consequences. If you kill someone you would go to jail. If you injure someone you can also go to jail. For a child, if you injure or highly unlikely kill someone you can be sent to a juvenile delinquent camp or get you expelled from schools. You feel happy about revenge but it won’t get you far in life. Have you heard the saying “the sweet taste of revenge”? I’m sure it is until you get caught. Also memories bring sadness. I therefore say life would be better without bad memories following you.

  15. I disagree with Alice on number nine. It is very important to learn your family history. When you go to the doctor, they check your family history to see if someone had some type of problem, disease, etc... If you have a disease, or watever, doctors always want to know were the sickness came from. So it is important to check your family history to know what, or who could be affected by any sickness.

  16. i disagree with allison and agree with alice because you first really need to want to learn about your family because remember its a lot of work and your disease does not always depend on your family and their history diseases but i agree sometimes when you do a check-up its good to know and thirdly knowing your family history will probably never help in your life or your destination in it only if your great,great grand father wrote your name on a will of 1,000,000 dollars then you will become rich but that probably won't happen because your great,great grand father doesn't even know that your existing

  17. i also agree with ignas and idagree with michael because a community cooperates together to just beat popele for no reason to just show they are unbeatable or something and then that becomes careless mistaken,and so and on more examples.