Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Now that you have answered agree or disagree to all of the following prompts, you need to take two and develop your ideas into much greater detail. Understand, the only wrong answer is an unsupported answer. Be to the point, be logical, and use examples to state your case. Your word count for each response should be no less that 200 words.

1) An ideal community would not have any hunger or starvation.
2) An ideal community would not have any jealousy or competition.
3) An ideal community would not have any unemployment.
4) All children should have equal possessions and privileges at a certain age,
regardless of the status of their families.
5) Families are much closer when they share their feelings.
6) Life would be better and easier if we did not carry bad memories in our
7) Overpopulation is such a problem that families should not be allowed to have
more than two children.
8) There is no real need to learn about world history.
9) There is no real need to learn about one’s own family’s history.
10) One’s job or occupation in life should be a careful match of one’s interests,
talents, and skills.

You will also need to comment on the posts of two other individuals. One you agree with and the other, someone you disagree with.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen Anticipation Guide

Something About 7th Grade

1. Divorce disrupts the life of all children no matter their age.

2. Survival is more of a mind set than anything.

3. Learning a terrible secret about a parent will destroy your relationship with them.

4. To have a happy family relationship, you must always share your thoughts, feelings, and fears with each other.

5. I could eat anything if my life depended upon it.

6. I could hunt, kill, and cook whatever I needed in order to survive.

7. A drastic change in one's life will have nightmarish effects.