Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1. Divorce disrupts the life of all children no matter their age.


  1. I Agree because mostly it doesn't even matter if you do care about your parents or not, you still have some kind of a feeling to them,or belonging.
    and if you find out that your parents are going to divorce it will have a certain impact on you and change of a feeling than usual. From now it happens more and more and even if your 50 or more or less you will still have it in your won't fly away out of you.

  2. To Karina,
    I disagree because when your really old you don't really pay attention to their love life and it doesn't affect as much as it would when you are younger. It will change your feeling to your parents but at one point you will get used to it.

  3. To Celine,
    I disagree with you because it will probably impact a person no matter what age they are because as young children: they will feel guilty about it and as adults they will feel useless if they can't help their family stay together.

  4. i disagree with alice because sooner or later the child will get over it. The child wont be financially challenged because the 2 parents when they were togeather they were given, lets say 5000 to share 2500 each now when they are divorced its still the same amount of money.
    if the child still lives with the parents the child will be kept with one family member and they will find another one to replace the old one and they live happily ever after... more or less
    nobody dare to contradict this comment JK ^^ marlon over and out!

  5. HEY! Let's just agree to disagree...

  6. I disagree,
    Because when my parents were supposed to get a divorce I was happy cause I wanted my mom and dad to be happy. (and they did not look happy together) Also my sister and brother were happy, well my sister was my brother didn't care. So even if you are different ages you don't really get upset, you understand that they are doing this for a reason!

  7. I- agree
    As every child used to living in a full stable family, divorce touches not only their parents but also them and now age does not matter. Even after leaving your family going to university or even having a husband/wife the stability and happiness of families matter to the child. Divorce leads to mental disorders and makes the child make a choice between mum or dad at the age -18. Maybe as you get older it seems like it doesn’t matter but to me a family means a stable un-breakable society always a welcoming and cheering house with your daddy and mummy always there together.