Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen Anticipation Guide


  1. Bryan was in a state of solitude as each day brought more fighting, anger and hate. His family had a terrible fight and now there was no way of fixing things, his mother and father both screamed and shouted at anyone who dared talk to them. The conflict created between their family members could never be destroyed. It was quickly so radical that their parents had decided to divorce. But Bryan’s state was not nearly as bad as his younger sisters she tore her hair and bit her hands in desperation for love and happiness from her parents.
    At the end it was decided to help Bryans younger sister by going on a trip to the wilderness, so his parents could explain to her what was going to happen now and try to calm her down. As the family packed Bryan realized the terrible anger within his parents and why they were so sudden to divorce. But he wondered why? Why did this happen?
    The next morning his parents were in a terrible mood, no speaking or communicating in any other way with each other. During their trip they were all silent and nothing was heard except his sisters sobbing. As they closed on their destination the road became narrower and narrower until it happened. Bryan didn’t know how it happened there was just a sudden crash and then there was pain. So this is how it ended in a car crash.

  2. Celine S.
    English 7P
    My Story

    After the divorce of his parents Bryan moves into the wilderness away from the small African town and everybody else. He moves to the jungle feeling so alone. In the wilderness he builds a treehouse to live in. Weeks later, living in the jungle, he notices that it gets warmer and warmer. By the end of the week it is so warm that all fruits rot and animals hide. Bryan searches for food with desperation but can't find any. He faints and falls onto the floor.

    Bryan regains consciousness in a bed and with a young girl leaning over him. They get to know each other and he finds out that her name is Anne. A week later he decides to leave. He gets money from a small job and takes a bus to Kenya's Capitol. The trip ends in a crash with the bus and a huge truck. Six of the twenty people in the bus die and the others are seriously injured.

    Bryan wakes up in a hospital. Leaning over him is Anne. He asks her why she's here and she says she heard the news on the radio and was scared that he died. She came straight to the hospital. They talk a bit more. Anne is upset about the crash but Bryan cheers her up. He had always felt solitude but for once in his life he was really happy.

  3. There was a boy named Bryan his home town was destroyed on his 18th birthday by what scientists called m.m.m.e. mysterious man made earthquakes. Most people in the town where afraid that the earthquake would happen again and this time they would not be so lucky and be able to live the next time it happened.

    Bryan and his dad where afraid so as soon as the opportunity came they packed up and left even thought it was the middle of the night. They were driving and then something happened to the headlights and before they knew it they were driving in the pitch blackness He couldn’t see the steering wheel let alone the road. Almost a minute after driving in the pitch black their car crashed, Bryan was afraid of the worst and the worst had happened as he reached over to his dad he a ones knew he was dead.

    He stayed in the car all night until he saw the sun starting to rise once it was light he saw why they crashed and were they were they were in the complete wilderness and knows that he will have to make it out on foot or he will die. After walking for the whole day in the distance he sees what looks like a city but is actually ruins he finds some food and water and while eating it he decides go on a world wide trip to discover who is destroying all these cities.

    After searching for more than 2 years he feels desperation because he is getting no where with his search. So he gives up, falls in love and not a long while later he gets married, and tries to forget about the cities.

    A year later he looks at the news paper in the morning the headlines say “city today gone tomorrow” and the thought keeps bugging him and he has the urge to find out who is doing this?after the next couple of weeks hew is always searching for information it is like an addiction and he cant give up. At first his wife is just annoyed but then she is just jealous he is spending all his time studying this mystery. She decides she wants a divorce and he knows that he will have to agree because he’s wasting his life and hers with him.

    So he gets a divorce and devotes his life to studying these miss haps because he knows he will not be able eat sleep or live like a person until he solves it.

  4. Bryan was solitude because he had a divorce with a woman named Wendy. He felt very lonely so he decided to go on a trip to the wilderness. He was very desperate to go there. On the way there he went in his red car he crashed into some trees and had to go on by foot. Then while he was walking he discovered something that mankind has never known of...

  5. A man named Bryan takes a trip to Alaska after a divorce with his cousin’s friend, but his plane crashes and everyone dies except Bryan. Bryan is stuck in the forest wilderness in the Tundra. Because of the solitude since he is all-alone he feels desperate. He becomes friends with a squirrel that brings him nuts every day and a mountain goat that gives him milk. Bryan becomes a forest dweller and kills all people that come into his part of the forest with an axe.
    After many years of protecting his forest Bryan sees a young lady enter the forest and he kills her.


  6. After Bryans wife asked for divorce he decided to travel into the wilderness of central Madagascar searching for loneliness and solitude. He remembered how deep he loved and maybe loves her still, but his precious Anne was no longer his, she belonged to someone else, now more brave, strong , handsome and of course younger. His trip to Madagascar was organized by his friends to try and bring him to life again. After breaking up with Anne he became a shadow walking on the streets. Bryan was not interested in life, money, food, or even girls any more. He would often go searching for something unknown, wanting Anne to return desperately. Every other wanted the old Bryan to be always smiling and in hard situations trying to be cheering the way he was before the tragedy happened. Now he is in a plane flying far from home to an unknown place were none of his friends have been. The jungles were always his interest but there was never a chance to get out into the wilderness. But the fortune turned her ugly face to him and on the way to the airport his plane crushed into the jungles…….


  7. After bryan comes from his class fall trip he finds out that his parents are going to divorce.He decides to stay with his mum to help her out with things,but deep inside wants to go to his father.His father feels really lonely and has a big depression after the divorce which he can't control,which after bring him to be fired. After that news Bryan's dad drives back from work and gets into a car crash. When Bryan finds out the news he has a big pain in his heart, and in school gets really angry at all of the people,which leads him to losing his friends become a solitude. He suggests him mum to move away from this city and leave into wilderness of alaska.
    THE END!

  8. A man called Bryan went on a trip to the wilderness in Africa to visit his friend Mark who just got divorced. Mark never liked his wife he just got married to her cause of the money. So mark was happy he was getting divorced, so happy that he was going to have a divorcement party.
    On the way there, he took a taxi. Bryan and the taxi driver got into a car crash and the driver died because he got hit badly.
    After Bryan got out of the police he was to scared to go on another taxi so he rented a car. At last Bryan got to Marks party. At his party, Mark told Bryan how the divorcement went much easier then he expected and that he doesn’t feel solitude at all.
    When Bryan was coming back he found out that while he was gone on his trip his wife Betty cheated on him with one of his best friends. Unfortunately, he was not like Mark he loved his wife and he was desperate to get her back but it didn’t work out.