Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anja, Round 3, Theme- Learning From Mistakes

" Mistakes-  Small mistakes could turn into disasters. If he sprained a  leg he might starve. Mistakes. He had learned in a way that had almost killed him. His second new night a skunk had gotten all his eggs. The skunk had sprayed him with it's terrible spray. And he had nearly smiled.  Mistakes..  He had learned that food had to be protected. He had to learn from his mistakes. Food was first, but the work for the food went on and on.  Mistakes. He had made a food shelf with his bare hands and made a snug door.  Not bad, he had thought, not bad for somebody who used to have trouble  greasing the bearings on his bicycle. Not bad at all."  (Chapter 14 (page 121-124) Gary Paulsen)

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