Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hatchet Lit. Devices

Respond to this post with the examples of literary devices and terms that you have found from "Hatchet". 
1) Identify the literary devices or term 
2) Identify where it exists in the novel 
3) Include a quoted passage if necessary, be sure to provide the page number


  1. Antagonist:
    The antagonist in the story is Brian himself. He battles against his new life in the wild which seems too difficult for him. Another one would be: He must stop thinking about the past. Meaning the divorce of his parents. And he has to learn with what he cant change..

  2. literay device: characterisation
    he was thirteen and the only passenger on the plane was a pilot named jim or jake or something who was in his mid forties and had been slient as he worked to prepare for take off.

  3. Auditory Imagery
    Now Brian sat, looking out the window with the ROAR thundering through his ears, and tried to catalog what had led up to hsi taking this flight.