Friday, January 13, 2012

Artemis Fowl-Book Review

Your Name: Luka
Title of Book: Artemis Fowl
Author: Eoin Colfer
Genre: Science Fiction
Date of Publication: 2007
Number of Pages: 309
Started (Date you Started to Read): 06/01/2012
Finished (Date You Finished Reading): 09/01/2012
Book Rating (1-10): 8

Book Review: I enjoyed this book, as it is simply written and easy to understand but is also based on a good idea. There are lots of fun and exciting parts, which are fun to read, but this book also contains few boring descriptions, at the beginning of each chapter, but which are required in each book. This book start with a young genius called Artemis Fowl II, along with his faithful bodyguard Butler, he finds a Holy Book, which tells of mystical creatures called fairies that are supposedly alive today but are living within the earths crust. So he sets out on a quest to find a fairy and kidnap her and only if the other fairies give him a ton of gold will he release her. Will he succeed? I would recommend this book to people who like fiction and fantasy.

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