Friday, January 13, 2012


title of the book: The Crowfield Curse
Author: Pat Walsh
Genre: mystery/fiction
date of publication:2010
Number of pages: 314
Started reading at: 18/12/11
Finished reading at: 04/01/12
Recommended reading age: 12-15 years old

Book review: I enjoyed reading the book a lot because the book was of my favourite genre and consisted of my favourite aims. This book is quite specific to mystery and survival through hard times thing so you have to mostly like that. The book is full of finding and experiencing new thing like
("oh,my gosh! Jenny look at that, if i won't find the key then will never be back in the castle! (p.g 145) ). I would recommend this book to everybody who like opening new things and losing something to escue something and for people who like mystery and thrillers.

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