Sunday, January 8, 2012

Independant reading book review

Your Name: Katya H

Title of Book: Hunger Games

Author: Suzanne Collins

Genre: Thriller (can not stop reading it !!)

Date of Publication: September 14, 2008

Number of Pages: About 400...

Started (Date you Started to Read): Beggining of school year

Finished (Date You Finished Reading): About 5 days after

Book Rating (1-10): 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have not read many books like this one. I liked this book because it was very exiting and had a lot of different ideas in it, also it was a futuristic book and normaly i dont like futuristic books but with this one the librarian sujested it, i started reading and this book is great!! i sujest this to anyone in the age level of 12-15 maybe a little older but not younger (because there are some bloudy parts!! I really enjoye dreading this book.



    Your Name: Allison Lee

    Tile Of Book: Reflections Of A Country Doctor

    Author: Jimmy Ashcraft

    Genre: Non-Fiction

    Date Of Publication: -----

    Number Of Pages: 398+

    Started: 3rd Day of English

    Finished: 2 months later

    Book Rating (1-10): 6

    This book is about a doctor called Dr Ashcraft. He is a doctor in a hospital in the country side. The book is basically about the strangest, weirdest, and extraordinary appointments he has had. My favorite one was when he went to a hobos house. It was so weird...

  2. Your Name:Michal Kubala
    Title of Book: The curious incident of the dog in the night time
    Author:Mark Haddon
    Genre: Realistic Fiction
    Date of Publication:2003
    Number of Pages: 174
    Started (Date you Started to Read): 2011
    Finished (Date You Finished Reading):in 3 weeks
    Book Rating (1-10):8

    Book Review: Christopher Brownfield is a rather strange boy who is very smart and brainy at Mathematics. When he woke up one day he saw the neighbors dog has been killed. As the police does not care about these crimes, Christopher decides that he will unravel the mystery. However, solving was one problem but Christopher meets many others like being forbidden to solve mystery by his father and,having no mother as she died, Christopher has to listen. Another big problem is, that, Christopher has fright of strangers and if anyone touches him, he screams. with his behavioral problems it is very hard solving mysteries. And then these letters come in the the way, addressed to him by his mother… but is she not dead?