Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Review by Alice P
Book: Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Author: Jeffrey Lindsay
Genre: Crime
Publicized date: July 2004
Recommended age for reading: 14-15 or further.
Date started reading: 28/12/2011
Dexter Morgan, the main protagonist of the novel lives a life of a lie. People around him suppose he is just as normal as any other person... well, as normal as can be for a blood splatter analyzer.
No one can possibly suspect him as a serial killer, driven by the Dark Passenger to mercilessly murder other criminals who escaped the law and justice. He is quite a neat monster and never will leave any traces of murder, nothing can shatter his mask for others around. His foster father's code helps him survive and come dry out of the water.
But what will he do when he faces a crime scene, with a victim murdered so skillfully he feels like a student on a master class. Little does he know that as the number of victim's rise and it is all for him, his new friend trying his best to get attention.
Leaving signs that only Dexter can understand... but nobody had ever given him a clue who exactly his new friend is!
And when they come face to face, will Dexter choose freedom or the code and his foster sister?
- I loved the book but I am not fully finished yet. It is the first in the seven-book series of Dexter. The book is thrilling, mysterious and scary sometimes... because like that you will never know if a Dexter lives in your neighborhood!

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